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Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities (SEND) swimming programmes return to lessons – COVID-19

We hope you are well and are looking forward to returning to swimming lessons as much as we are. Our team have really missed all the children on a Sunday evening. In preparation for September, we would be grateful if, once you have read this guidance,  you could please complete the attached survey to confirm your intention to return to swimming lessons.   Once we have this information, it will be possible to  confirm your childs’ lesson, please be aware that, due to the changes in place to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we may need to allocate your child a new lesson time and possibly a different swimming teacher.  We will be in touch as soon as we possibly can.


Below is our new procedure for Swimming Lessons :

Our team has been working hard to make sure that the Centre and our swimming lessons comply with Government and Swim England Guidance.  To comply with this, and social distancing, we have made some changes that will make your trip to the Leisure Centre look and feel a little different.  However, please be assured that in making these changes we have our employees’ safety, your safety and your childs’ safety and their swimming progress as our focus.


Arriving for your lesson

When entering or leaving the building, we politely request that you adhere to social distancing guidelines and step aside/wait if your entry or exit point is blocked/in use.

There will be sanitiser dispensers on entry to the building for your use.

Only one adult should accompany a child(ren) into the Centre.

Please note we are unable to allow pushchairs into any of our changing areas.

Please do not arrive to change more than 5 minutes before your/child’s lesson

In line with government advice it is preferred that you wear a mask when in and around the building.


Changing Rooms

Only one adult will be permitted in the changing room per child (children from same family group)

There will be 4 changing rooms available, each changing room will have designated changing stations, indicated by an X on the wall.  If you arrive at the changing room and it is already at capacity/ all changing stations are taken, please wait outside for someone to leave.

Reception will happily direct you to the correct changing room.

To minimise the time each swimmer spends in the changing rooms. Please, wherever possible, bring your swimmer/yourself already changed for swimming (beach ready).

Please bring a bag for their/your kit.

  • Younger Swimmers / Swimmers requiring adult assistance to change.

Once your swimmer is changed please put your swimmer’s kit straight into a bag and take the bag out of the changing room with you.

  • Adult Swimmers / Older Children (whom can change independently).

Once changed please ensure you/they put your/their kit into a bag and leave it on one of the hooks/shelves provided.

Please note that Lockers will no longer available, therefore please ensure you/they do not bring any valuables.  Please also ensure there are no loose items left in the changing room.

There will be no showers available in the changing rooms.  The showers on Poolside will be operational and used solely for showering before swimming.

Please bear with us, we are aiming to make the turnaround as speedy as possible.


Entry to Poolside

Swimmers should wait in the changing rooms until called through by a teacher/lifeguard.

All swimmers should shower on entry to poolside. (Please use Poolside Showers)

If needed, your child should put on arm discs (please see section below for advice on arm discs). There will be separate arm disc baskets for each set of swimmers.

Please understand that parents/carers of swimmers are not allowed on poolside if they are not additional support for their child in the water.


Exit from Poolside

Swimmers should return to the changing room and if a designated changing space (X) is free, towel dry, put on their clothes/overhead towel/onesie and leave as quickly as possible.  Please note that it will not be possible to shower after a lesson.

Swimming lessons

To comply with Government guidance, our numbers in the pool will be reduced. Therefore we may ask you to change the time of your swimming lesson, however we will do our utmost to keep you on your usual day.  Please check all correspondence carefully, especially the time of your lesson.


What will be different ?


Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)  Swimming lessons :

For Widths.  Lessons will be quite different. Teachers will now be teaching from the poolside, although some teachers may enter the water in an emergency. In the past the teacher has provided support to the pupils as they learn new skills.  Now, with social distancing, your child will need to wear arm discs to provide them with that support to both stay safe and to practise strokes and skills without physical help from their teacher.  They will continue to learn and improve their swimming, just with a different means of support.  Please ensure your child puts on arm discs for their first lesson.  Your child’s teacher will advise on the number of arm discs as required.

It may be necessary to make some syllabus changes to enable us to teach some of the skills required, without manual support. This will not adversely affect your child’s recorded progress.

All arm discs and equipment will be cleaned between lessons and swimmers will not share equipment within their lesson.

Please note goggles can be worn but your child must be able to place these on their eyes without assistance from our teachers


For Lanes:  These classes will continue to be taught from Poolside. To comply with social distancing guidelines, there will be a new protocol in place for lane swimming.  The new protocol will be explained when your child arrives for their lesson.


Parents/carers support:


To accommodate social distancing guidelines, lessons will now be taught from poolside, our teachers have your child’s safety and progress as their focus and will use additional methods of support/ floatation devices to help with their confidence in the water. If however, our team feel it is necessary we are happy for you to bring a member or your household/ bubble with you to provide manual support under the guidance of our teachers. If we do advise this, the parent/ carer will be responsible for their own child only and must not share equipment. Please bear with us, as once we know how many of our children are returning we can discuss whether your child will need extra support in the water. If there are any questions please get in touch.


At the end of a Lesson

At the end of the lesson classes will be sent back to the changing room in “waves” and must follow the process outlined above in ‘Exit from Poolside’.  Swimmers should again try their hardest to maintain social distance.  Please be aware that teaching may finish just a couple of minutes early to allow for safe, socially distant movement around the pool.



Viewing will be possible for one adult, per swimmer /swimmers from the  same household, from either the viewing area or the cafeteria area.  The floor will be marked out at appropriate spacing, but unfortunately, we will not be able to provide chairs.  Please feel free to bring your own camping chair.  If there is no available space, please can we ask that you wait in an alternative area.




We politely ask you to refrain from entering the Centre if you or your child are displaying any of the following symptoms – high temperature, a new persistent cough, loss of taste/smell, or have knowingly been in contact with someone displaying symptoms/confirmed case of Covid19.


Lost Property

Unfortunately we can no longer hold on to lost items, therefore we ask that before leaving the premises you have checked that you have all your belongings with you as we would hate for much loved items to be lost forever.


Please bear with us, we know these guidelines will feel very different, but rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure you feel well supported and you and your child have an enjoyable and productive experience with us. We are fully aware and prepared for a phased return and will try and accommodate as many children as possible when you/ they feel comfortable.


Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

If you do have any questions please get in touch via



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