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Enter our Monthly Raffle from just £2 a month to be in with a chance of winning up to £100 while helping support and maintain the up-keep of your leisure centre during our closure, ensuring  we can re-open and provide you with our facilities that you all know and love.

5 reasons to enter our Charity Raffle

  • With every £2 entry you are in with a chance of winning a cash prize of either £25, £50 and £100
  • As a charity, you will be helping Bollington Health Leisure during these unprecedented times
  • Its quick and easy to enter
  • Winners will be automatically contacted there is no need to regularly check
  • Entering will help your leisure centre to re-open (following government guidelines) and keep our community fit and healthy

Our prizes

Up for grabs each month is…

1st= £100

2nd= £50

3rd= £25

How to enter

Every £2 gives you 1 entry to our raffle, so the more you donate the more your chance of winning increases!

With options to make one-off donations or monthly continuous  donations entering couldn’t be easier!

November Winners

Congratulations to our November winners

£100 – Carl Whyatt

£50 – Sue Coen

£25 – Andrew Street

December Winners

Congratulations to our December winners

£100 – John Isherwood

£50 – David Horsfield

£25 – Libbie Oliver

January Winners

Congratulations to our January winners

£100 – Eleanor Stephens

£50 –  Alex Smith

£25 – Sarah Latham

February Winners

Congratulations to our February winners

£100 – Steven McDonnell

£50 –  Sally Worsley

£25 – Ed Baron

March Winners

Congratulations to our March winners

£100 – Mrs Goode

£50 –  Nic Dobson

£25 – Alan Phillips

April Winners

Congratulations to our April winners

£100 – Alex Rodgers

£50 –  Mrs Cox

£25 – Edie Bebbington

May Winners

Congratulations to our May winners

£100 – Mike Gaunt

£50 –  Alex Bennett

£25 – Steven Cowton

June Winners

Congratulations to our June winners

£100 – Paula Stevenson

£50 –  Mrs K Collinshaw

£25 – Angela Derbyshire

July Winners

Congratulations to our July winners

£100 – Will Jepson

£50 –  Fiona Ford

£25 – Nick Hauge


Continuous donation:

Set up a monthly donation for as long as you would like to participate and automatically be entered each month.

One off donation:

Make a one-off donation of the amount of your choice

You have to be in it to win it!

Good luck

Charity Number: 1151326

Raffle Number: LTR589

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So far we've raised £2500

On-going fundraising


The Coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the leisure industry, mainly due to reduction in numbers allowed in each activity. As a result Bollington Health & Leisure will be hosting a number of fundraising activities over the coming months. Please watch this space and support us where you can.

A private Limited Company Registered in England & Wales: Number 8119494
A Registered Charity Number 1151326

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