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As you have walked through our centre you may well have noticed the lovely pictures adorning the walls.

You may well have wondered where they come from and what is the story behind them?

Hopefully this will answer some questions!

It all began over six years ago when Jennie Gaywood, a local artist, was looking for a venue to show her paintings for the Artist Trail during the Bollington festival. The clear plain walls were ideal and Jennie was anxious to get affordable art in public spaces as art galleries can be daunting places.

The staff at the leisure centre were very accommodating and the new art exhibition idea was a huge success. Many pictures were sold and the centre benefited as it received a financial commission for easy picture sold.

From this it was agreed to keep the exhibitions going, Jennie inviting local good artists from Bollington Art Group to exhibit. This not only brightened the walls but also helped artists sell their work and brought in funds for the leisure centre, a registered charity. A win win situation!

Since then many pictures have been sold and members of the centre have frequently remarked on how they enjoy the pictures. Prices are kept low so buyers are getting an excellent deal and the displays are changed every four weeks to different artists, thus displaying a variety of styles and subjects.

We do hope you enjoy the paintings. If you wish to purchase, please tell reception and they will be happy to help. You will not only be buying a beautiful, affordable picture, you will be helping your local leisure centre!

I am very pleased to recommence our Art displays at Bollington Leisure Centre. After being locked down for too long a time, I hope visitors to our fantastic centre will appreciate viewing some Art.

Artists from Bollington Art Group have been exhibiting her for about eight years now and have raised a substantial amount of money to help the running of your centre. So if you purchase a picture you are helping the funds whilst owning an original painting at an extremely reasonable price! In fact many artists, myself included, deliberately discount pictures for the leisure centre to promote sales!
The main idea of displaying art here is for folk to purely enjoy paintings! If you like a picture enough to
purchase it ,thats great! A win win situation for you, the artist and the centre!

If you wish to buy a picture, just go to reception and they will help you. We hope to change our displays every month so don’t delay! If you find the picture you have been considering disappears, consult reception and they can track it down through their records and contact the artist.
I hope you enjoy my pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, details on each picture.
Jennie Gaywood

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The major project currently being planned is the replacement of the swimming pool tiles and the surrounding decking, the current decking has been in place since the centre opened in 1977, and has been high on the agenda to modernise, to ensure the centre can continue to operate for years to come

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