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Rookie Lifeguard Waiting List

Rookie Lifeguard Waiting List


Waiting List now open 

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme gives your child valuable survival, rescue and water sports skills, all delivered in an exciting way.  The course can run parallel to your child’s current swimming lessons (for stage 8 and above) and will build on and enhance the water safety skills learnt as part of their swimming lessons.

The Programme is a progressive course with a range of awards for your child to achieve as their confidence and experience grows.  Even the shyest kids find they make new friends through the Rookie Lifeguard scheme, as teamwork and peer support are crucial elements of the programme.

The programme can also count towards your childs  ‘D of E’ award.

So, if you would like your child to learn vital life skills, including self rescue, rescue of others, first aid and CPR, make new friends and be part of a team apply now.


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