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Easter Swimming Crash Courses

Book on the ‘Elite Crash Course’ and get a FREE place on the ‘Teacher Training Course’

Swimming lessons at Bollington Health & Leisure are not just about weekly sessions; we also have two types of ‘crash course,’ where swimmers swim every day for a period of time.

You can either undertake regular crash courses, taught by our teachers and following our usual scheme of work or you can book on a teacher training course, where trainee teachers progressing to their next level of qualification need swimmers to help.

Regular crash courses are a great way to boost swimmers that are struggling with a certain skill, have reached a plateau in their progress or just want to swim even more.

Teacher training crash courses are a cheaper way to swim more and practice skills but these won’t always strictly follow our existing swim scheme as trainee teachers need to look at specific skills and teaching methods, however lots of new inventive games go hand in hand with new teachers so it will be a great, fun time.

Crash courses are for various stages of our swim scheme, usually toddlers and stages 1 – 6, occasionally the higher stages and adults take place too.

Crash courses take place during Easter, Summer and Christmas (depending on dates) and will vary from regular to teacher training depending on requirements.

*please note – payment required upon booking

** Click here to find out what to expect from the course

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Lesson name Length Level


Monday 8th April - Friday 12th April
9.00am - 11.30am
£35.00 for 5 days
4 pupils in each class
Toddlers (3yrs+) & Stages 1-6

30 mins

Elite Crash Course


Monday 15th April - Wednesday 17th April
9.30am – 11.00
£5 for 3 days
5 pupils in each class
Stages 1 - 6

30 mins

Teacher Training Crash Course

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